It seems like only yesterday that magician Helder Guimarães concluded his run of The Present with the Geffen Playhouse. He’s back with The Future and given its title I’m wondering if a trilogy is being planned.

The Future finds gambling, perception and stunning card tricks at the core of Guimarães’ storytelling. Perspective is the fulcrum through which we will view the story and we, as the audience, guide its direction. We have a say at multiple times during the show as to which perspective we will view this story.

Ticket holders receive a mysterious cylinder in the mail prior to showtime. We are told not to open it until instructed to do so during the performance. The performance takes place via Zoom and don’t be surprised if you get called on to participate in the show.

It would be unfair to reveal much else about the show except to say that as a long-time fan of magic, I was very impressed. What I will say is that Guimarães has significantly raised the stakes for The Future.

Frank Marshall, who directed The Present, returns to direct here. The Future runs approximately 80 minutes.

Will there also be a show next year called The Past? It does seem as though we are in the midst of a well-planned trilogy of shows.

Tickets are $95 and the first announced dates have sold out. An extension – the first, so far – has been announced through March 14th. If this show is as successful as The Present, a second extension is probably in the cards.

Photo: Helder Guimarães in The Future (Photo by Catarina Marques/Courtesy Geffen Playhouse)


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